Archie Ammons' Home Country
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Now Available
from R.A. Fountain

"When I Go Back to My Home Country": A Remembrance of Archie Ammons
by Emily Herring Wilson
Now Available
ISBN 978-0-9842102-3-7
160 pp, trade paperback, with gatefold cover
includes index, sources, and a timeline
65 black & white photographs & 3 color prints of Ammons watercolors
Full-color cover is a reproduction of Ammons watercolor self-portrait
Design by Eva Roberts
Cover design by Eva Roberts & Stanton Blakeslee
$20 retail
A limited edition printing of 50 copies is avilable in a package that includes an original A.R. Ammons watercolor
and a print of the cover Ammons watercolor self-portrait, with a photographic potrait of Ammons by Susan Mullally on the obverse, signed by the photographer Susan Mullally.
The paintings are available on a first-come basis.
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