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I love it. It's right on, heartbreaking, heartthrobbingly good, real, and openly warm and readable.
-- Shelby Stephenson

Part loving biography, part autobiography, When I Go Back to My Home Country, is a deeply felt narrative
of Emily Wilson's long friendship with the celebrated poet A. R. Ammons. Unsparing in detail about
a complex and enduring relationship, this memoir is a compelling account of her admiration and respect for one
of our leading literary figures. Emily Wilson is a poet herself, and her story is a vivid and
moving tribute, told with both candor and affection.

-- Robert Morgan

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Listen to Emily talking to Frank Stasio on "The State of Things," recorded November 19, 2019.

from the Winston-Salem Journal, December 22, 2019
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from the Greensboro Daily News, December 15, 2019
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from Wake Forest Magazine, November 15, 2019
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